The Spark

Meaningful employment for all

  • MindSpark was an idea two years in the making. The team at Square One Solutions, an IT services firm co-founded by Chad Hahn, initially became aware of the community of people living with autism spectrum disorder through Shannon Hahn, Chad’s wife. Shannon worked for a Southern California based non-profit organization providing support services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Shannon and Chad reflected on her level of dissatisfaction with the limited options, resources and programs for these underserved individuals. Shannon’s vision is meaningful employment for all.
  • Over the years Chad had the pleasure of meeting a bright young adult named Max, whose engaging manner and obvious intellect inspired Chad, a software services professional, to create a pilot program to train talented young adults like Max in the field of software testing. The pilot program was successful, and the funding necessary to enable MindSpark to offer increasing numbers of deserving individuals the opportunity for careers in software testing was secured in early 2013.