The MindSpark Environment

Familiar, supportive, and uniquely flexible

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  • A Comfortable and Accommodating Workplace

    Despite their strong cognitive abilities, many individuals with autism are challenged by the social and organizational requirements found within the traditional workplace. At MindSpark, our employees enjoy the security of a familiar and supportive environment in which their social and emotional needs are monitored and can be addressed on an individualized basis. In addition to this, we are committed to the creation of a sense of community and belonging for our employees in a flexible work environment that allows employees to work from 20 Р40 hours per week based on their individual needs and abilities. The team is encouraged to take breaks or leave early if they encounter difficulties as well as work with the management team to talk through them. Professional Development Plans for every individual are always active and in progress, helping individuals to self regulate. Providing a nurturing, growth-oriented environment for all MindSpark employees is a guiding principle of our organization.