The MindSpark Difference

Partnership, social responsibility, and the environment

MindSpark was created with the idea that everyone has uniquely valuable talents and skills.  When people with specialized abilities are provided with training and vocational opportunities, everyone benefits.

Our company enjoys some important advantages that help us succeed in the marketplace:

  • Our Special Relationship with Optimity Advisors

    Optimity Advisors is a global operational consultancy providing information technology, strategic planning, business process re-engineering, organizational change management, and risk mitigation services. Optimity Advisors acquired Square One Solutions in 2015, which included the social entrepreneurs who started and incubated MindSpark.  This acquisition has resulted in new business opportunities for MindSpark, along with continuing the same stewardship to MindSpark and steady pipeline of business.  In addition, MindSpark benefits from project oversight by industry veterans on the Optimity Advisors team.  Most importantly, the two companies work side-by-side, giving MindSpark employees the opportunity to collaborate with Optimity Advisors employees.

  • Socially Responsible Outsourcing

    MindSpark is participating in the current wave of “on-shoring,” a practice where services frequently outsourced to developing countries are now coming back to the United States. Most software testing is off-shored, but problems relating to communication and differing time-zones inevitably arise. With MindSpark, companies can outsource to a socially conscious company in the United States that is offering high-quality services at competitive rates, while simultaneously providing opportunities for individuals with specialized abilities to be gainfully employed.

  • The MindSpark/auticon Environment

    At MindSpark, we’re about more than just a job.  We believe in both the personal and the professional well-being of our team.  We emphasize social activities around our work schedule, providing outlets to nurture relationships that go beyond the workplace.  We’re creating a family atmosphere in and out of the office, building bonds we hope will last for a lifetime. With the acquisition of MindSpark by auticon in June 2018, the combined enterprise is now the world’s leading employer of adults on the autism spectrum offering exceptional quality work within the information technology industry for its customers.