The MindSpark Advantage

Quality assurance testing within the United States

  • Socially Responsible Outsourcing

    Many U.S. companies outsource their software testing to offshore companies in India or China, which has many drawbacks due to the time zone and cultural differences. This leads to communication inefficiencies that may increase the effective cost of these services. The software industry is already entrenched in a model where the software testing services are not performed at the customer’s location. In effect, MindSpark is also an outsourced IT company, but instead of customers outsourcing to companies in India or China, they can outsource to a socially conscious on-shore company offering high-quality services at competitive rates. Any company that chooses to outsource their software testing work to MindSpark can feel satisfaction that they are employing people within the U.S. and providing opportunities for individuals with specialized abilities to be gainfully employed.