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MindSpark has been a great find for the Fox Networks Group. As our application portfolio has grown, our user base has expanded, and the market dynamics have necessitated much faster turnarounds, we reached a point in our product lifecycle where we needed to either add more resources or implement expensive automation tools to keep up with demand. MindSpark has met these growing needs, providing us with a group of well-trained professionals that consistently deliver.

The MindSpark team has exceeded our initial expectations when we first launched this “experiment” almost two years ago. In addition to a very beneficial value proposition, providing us with reasonably priced resources in the same time zone as our development teams, our internal team has thoroughly enjoyed the win/win feeling of this particular business model. The benefits of MindSpark as a valued business partner, have clearly outweighed the minor adjustments we have made to our standard testing processes. We look forward to continuing to work with MindSpark in the future.

Author's imageBen H.CIO - Fox Networks Group

iRise had an immediate need for additional testing support.  SquareOne was able to quickly assemble and deploy a Quality Assurance team.

The quality of the service was comparable to offshore testing teams with the added benefit of supporting a good cause.

iRise could not have been more thrilled with the results.

Author's imageKostas A.Director – Product Management, Accelerator Products


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