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  • MindSpark Painting Day

    On April 25, 2018, the staff members of MindSpark came together and created a series of paintings to be displayed in the Culver City office for its Grand Opening.  Even with the limited amount of time we had to work on them, the final products that were created exceeded my expectations.  In my experience, it […]

  • Company Picnic

    At MindSpark, we believe that one of the most important goals for a healthy company is to look after and encourage the well-being of our employees. In the spirit of this mindset, we invited all of our employees to participate in a company-wide picnic during lunch time. With this picnic, it was held at the […]

  • Game Days

    Every so often, as a means of allowing those here at MindSpark to relax and socialize, a game day will be held.  The team is notified in advance of these game days, it’s completely voluntary, and they occur outside of normal business hours. The game days are typically organized by one of the testing leads, though […]