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  • Spotlight: Kayla Zaraka

    Kayla is an Analyst II who was one of the graduates from MTA 8. She has a background in chemistry and has worked at a number of different jobs before coming to MindSpark. With this breadth of experience, it allows her to bring a wide array of knowledge to the company that can help further […]

  • Spotlight: Cary Son

    Cary is an analyst at MindSpark and was a part of the graduating class from 2016. With his time at the company, he has focused his efforts primarily on the contacts MindSpark has with Fox. But in addition to Fox, he has spent time on projects such as Mars, helping to find and write defects […]

  • Spotlight: Bradley Thomas

    Bradley Thomas is a senior analyst at MindSpark, joining the company as part of the MTA #4 graduating class back in 2014.  Since then, he has worked on several different projects for the company, with experience that includes game testing and device testing.  He is always interested in taking on new projects in order to […]