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  • Apprentices join the team

    As of today, the latest graduating class from MindSpark Training Academy has officially joined the MindSpark QA team. This marks the beginning of their apprenticeship with the company. During their apprenticeship, our new employees will begin their career by shadowing our QA analysts. The shadowing process will allow them to become familiarized with the applications we are currently […]

  • New MindSpark Training Academy Graduates

    Another successful MindSpark Training Academy (MTA) course has completed. Two months ago, selected candidates started their six weeks of MindSpark curriculum training, taught at Exceptional Children’s Foundation in Culver City. Trainees gained knowledge regarding computers, software, and testing, which will provide a foundation for what is needed to be a QA analyst. Those with satisfactory […]

  • MindSpark Training Academy

    Students at the MindSpark Training Academy have completed their 4th week of training! We began with the basics of software; what is data and where does it go? (In a database, of course.) We looked at Software Development Life Cycles and evaluated the differences in 5 different types of environments. What has been the class […]

  • How We Are Organized

    Consistent with its socially responsible mission, MindSpark Inc. was incorporated as a benefit corporation in the state of California in May 2013. A benefit corporation, legal in California since January 1, 2012, allows entrepreneurs and investors to organize corporations that can pursue economic and social objectives simultaneously. The benefit corporation has a core commitment to social purpose […]

  • Getting Started

    The MindSpark team is excited to announce our initial funding for the formal creation of MindSpark software testing services and the MindSpark Training Academy. These funds are already being put to good use by allowing us to hire an interim Program Director and to build up our quality assurance training team. If you are interested […]