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  • New MTA Class

    At MindSpark, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our quality assurance team. This can be seen with the fact that we have had a number of MindSpark Training Academy (MTA) classes over the course of the company’s history. With our most recent MTA class, it was held during the months of November […]

  • MTA #7

    The month of June has been an important month for MTA #7. First, on Monday, June 6, 2016, the graduating class began the on-the-job training portion of the program. As a part of this training, they moved from the classroom found at the Exceptional Children’s Foundation office to the MindSpark office located in Santa Monica. […]

  • MTA Class #7

    This week MindSpark completed the interview process for the seventh MindSpark Training Academy class.  For the past two weeks, MindSpark had the pleasure of meeting with eleven MTA candidates to discuss their interest in becoming a software tester, along with an assessment of the skills necessary to be successful at MindSpark.  Now that the interviews have been concluded, the MindSpark team faces the […]

  • New MindSpark Training Academy Graduates

    Another successful MindSpark Training Academy (MTA) course has completed. Two months ago, selected candidates started their six weeks of MindSpark curriculum training, taught at Exceptional Children’s Foundation in Culver City. Trainees gained knowledge regarding computers, software, and testing, which will provide a foundation for what is needed to be a QA analyst. Those with satisfactory […]

  • MindSpark Training Academy

    Students at the MindSpark Training Academy have completed their 4th week of training! We began with the basics of software; what is data and where does it go? (In a database, of course.) We looked at Software Development Life Cycles and evaluated the differences in 5 different types of environments. What has been the class […]

  • Training Begins

    It’s official. The MindSpark Training Academy has opened its doors to its first training class. Chad, Principal and Founder of MindSpark, gave a warm welcome to the new trainees. Besides learning software testing concepts, trainees will get opportunities to give presentations, and to work individually, as well as within a group. Building skills for success […]