Software Testing Specialties

From our team of uniquely qualified specialized individuals

  • Test Plan Design

    Reviewing requirements and developing both test plans and test cases using industry standard techniques and conventions, covering analytics or database validation as necessary.

  • Functional Testing

    Executing test cases in a quality assurance environment using multiple devices and mediums, including web testing, and cross-browser compatibility.

  • Regression Testing

    Recording manual test cases or scripts and running them on previously tested software after each release, or using user flows / scenarios, to ensure there is no regression.

  • Defect Management

    Identifying, logging, and tracking the resolution of all defects found during test case execution, as well as verifying them once new builds are available.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance timed testing along side both Load testing using automation tools and stress testing using a hybrid automated and manual testing approach.

  • Mobile Device Coverage

    Planning and using analytics to determine coverage needs as well as mobile test suite creation and use case execution. We also utilize simulation and/or emulation for additional coverage.

  • Video Game Testing

    PC and Mac video game testing including virtual reality hardware as well as biometrics / biofeedback testing. Members of our team also have console and design experience.

  • Automation Development

    Automation test execution along with automation development, from website and application programming interface automation to robust custom framework implementation.

  • Management

    Project management, QA management including managing remote teams, and software training including Agile/Scrum methodology, defect lifecycle management, and UAT best practices.

In addition to all of the services listed above, we now offer even more technical services such as business analytics, artificial intelligence, and software development. For more information please visit our auticon website

Below is a showcase of tools that our team has hands-on experience with. This is not a complete list, as we are always expanding our existing set of tools and learning new technologies.

  • Technical Skills

    • CSS

    • MySQL

    • FTP

    • Microsoft Windows

    • Unix

    • SQL Server

    • C++

    • Android

    • Linux

    • iOS

    • Java

    • JavaScript

    • Mac Apple

    • HTML5

    • Python Programming Language

    • MindSpark

  • Tools

    • GitHub

    • BugZilla

    • Microsoft Office Suite

    • LoadUI and SoapUI by Smartbear

    • Wireshark

    • Atlassian JIRA

    • Jenkins

    • Matlab

    • Postman API Automation

    • IBM Rational

    • HP QuickTest Professional HPQTP

    • FileMaker Pro

    • Git

    • Fiddler

    • WordPress

    • TestRail for JIRA

    • Confluence

    • ClearQuest

    • VMWare Virtual Machine Software

    • HP Unified Functional Testing HPUFT

    • Slack Communication

    • Selenium Automation

    • Rally

    • HP Quality Centery HPQC

    • Bitbucket

    • HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM)

    • Apache JMeter