How We Are Organized

MindSpark is now an auticon company

A Core Commitment to Social Purpose

Consistent with its socially responsible mission, MindSpark Inc. was incorporated as a benefit corporation in the state of California in May 2013. A benefit corporation, legal in California since January 1, 2012, allows entrepreneurs and investors to organize corporations that can pursue economic and social objectives simultaneously. The benefit corporation has a core commitment to social purpose embedded in its organizational structure, with an additional commitment to full transparency and accurate assessment and reporting of its social, environmental, and financial performance and impact.

The principal owners of MindSpark Inc. worked without compensation to launch and manage the enterprise. Growing the business enabled MindSpark to train and hire increasing numbers of qualified and deserving employees.

On June 19, 2018 MindSpark was acquired by auticon, making the combined enterprise the world’s leading employer of adults on the autism spectrum offering exceptional quality work within the information technology industry for its customers. auticon will continue to leverage the unique strengths of each company, offering additional services such as business analytics, artificial intelligence, software development and migration, in addition to quality assurance and testing.