Employee Testimonials

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At MindSpark, we aim to give adults with autism spectrum disorder the opportunity to build a career, maintain steady employment, and work within an environment that allows them to be productive individuals. We understand that it is hard for those on the autism spectrum to find rewarding work, and MindSpark is designed to help them deal with that situation by not only training them and giving them a valuable skill set but also allowing them to build a career where they can continue to build upon the new skills they’ve acquired.

Below are testimonials from our employees commenting upon their time at MindSpark and how it has been a beneficial experience for them.

  • Brad Testimonial MindSpark pic“With my time here at MindSpark, it has granted me the possibility to learn some valuable skills in the fields of quality assurance, small team management, accounting software, program scheduling, and biofeedback device testing. Over the 3 years I’ve been working at MindSpark, I have progressed through the ranks to earn the title of Senior Analyst, despite being dyslexic and a fair amount of reading being required, which I am very proud to have accomplished. MindSpark has helped teach me to utilize my work ethic and drive, to more effectively communicate with my coworkers on what they need to achieve on any given task, a skill that will no doubt prove invaluable for the rest of my life. It has also granted me the opportunity to learn how to deal with different personality types while in the workplace, which in turn has helped me to grow as an individual.”

    – Brad

  • Brian Testimonial MindSpark pic“I’ve been working at MindSpark for a little over a year now and I have enjoyed my time as an employee here. I have been a software analyst on a lot of different projects and it’s really cool to see how the programs work. We test all sorts of stuff like websites and other types of software used by big companies. Working here can be fun too, so it’s easy to succeed as an employee. All the analysts and managers are friendly as well as willing to help you succeed here at MindSpark. MTA, The MindSpark Training Academy, is interesting too. When you finally get some hands-on experience at the OJT (On-The-Job-Training) after the Academy, you learn how to write test cases, how to report bugs, and all sorts of cool stuff. I really enjoy working here at MindSpark and if you are committed to working for a really cool company then this is the place for you.”

    – Brian

  • Cary Testimonial MindSpark pic“MindSpark has given me a career where I can learn new skills on the fly. In a short year, I have learned how to communicate better as a team player, and apply computer skills such as Excel, Google docs, as well as Slack, all in a timely manner. I have also participated in first hand with game testing, web based testing, and client based testing (via virtual machines). The staff is extremely accommodating and flexible. They take time to help develop their employees on an individual basis via One on One. These One on One meetings have helped me where I want to go career-wise. In my short time working here, I have taken every opportunity that I have to learn these new skills. It is because MindSpark actually takes time out of their day to address their individual workers that I find MindSpark to be a good place to work, and I would recommend it.”

    – Cary

  • Evan H Testimonial MindSpark pic“At MindSpark, we have a lot of experience with computers but there’s always more that we can learn, especially when it comes to analyzing software. We learned that there is a great deal more to it than just clicking a button and seeing if it works, though that’s still something we also check for, as well as the development process itself. We look for bugs and try to find things that don’t work or cause something to pop up that shouldn’t. The MindSpark Training Academy will also prepare you for the work environment you’ll be in, as well as what is expected of you from your peers. Even in training, it is a very professional environment, but a welcoming one. You aren’t just treated as an employee, you’re treated as an individual. Everyone is here to not only do their job, but to help you do yours as well. It’s a practical, encouraging mindset everyone shares for an environment where teamwork is vital.”

    – Evan H

  • Greg Testimonial MindSpark pic“I have been at MindSpark for over 4 years now, and as the first tester to complete the training program I have seen the company grow substantially. MindSpark was my first paying job out of college and it’s helped me a great deal. I have found it interesting to test different kinds of software, and programs for many different kinds of companies. We learn all sorts of different testing strategies, and have fun in the process. The training at the MindSpark Training Academy is one of the more distinct aspects of the company as there aren’t a lot of companies that train the employees before they start working, so you don’t need any prior experience to work here, which is a really good thing. You have the unique opportunity to learn all of the basics on good test practices and it prepares you for a long career in software testing. MindSpark is a good place to work if you want to get started in software testing.”

    – Greg

  • Kayla Testimonial MindSpark pic“Mindspark is a company that lets an autistic person be an autistic person and shine in the process. I have had multiple other jobs where I have had to hide my fastidious nature; here it is celebrated. I work with like-minded professionals in an environment that not only encourages a good work ethic in the present, but personal growth for the future. After being laid off, I searched for a profession that could take advantage of my Operations Research and Computer Science post graduate education. My education was varied and not suited to finding employment without experience. Mindspark saw my potential and put me through a focused training program. Following this training program, Mindspark provided me with an apprenticeship. It was with the help of their training program and real world experience that has allowed me to blossom as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst.”

    – Kayla

  • “I have been a part of the MindSpark team since the beginning when it started back in October of 2011. Back then, I was just an intern, but it provided me with the necessary training to perform quality assurance testing, how to work off of test cases, and write up bug reports among other skills so that I could perform this job effectively. In addition to this, MindSpark gave me the self-confidence to engage in quality assurance testing. I did find the training to be exhausting, but I persevered, and this gave me not only the honor but also the privilege to work side-by-side with some of the most gifted, hard-working, and kindest people out there. It is amazing how one company can start off as a small startup and grow into something that is leaving its footprint upon the world. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who loves computers to come and apply to MindSpark.”

    – Max P.

  • “I have been working for MindSpark since December of 2017 and I love it. Everyone here is very friendly and the managers and supervisors are willing to help you succeed. I enjoy working with my teammates and I always feel very welcomed here. My work schedule is very structured yet there are still enough extra challenges (I love being challenged) and deviations from the norm that keep my work from becoming too stagnant. I truly enjoy testing software applications looking for bugs and learning how these applications work as a whole. Every time an opportunity to work extra hours arises, I gladly accept them. My experience here has even been helping me overcome my social anxiety issues and helping me grow and mature as a person. I look forward to working for MindSpark for a long time to come, all the while strengthening my software testing skills.”

    – Robert