MindSpark Painting Day

A Day Spent Creating Art

On April 25, 2018, the staff members of MindSpark came together and created a series of paintings to be displayed in the Culver City office for its Grand Opening.  Even with the limited amount of time we had to work on them, the final products that were created exceeded my expectations.  In my experience, it takes months of daily practice to understand the underlying properties of what the medium can do, let alone paint a clear and concise subject.  It takes me hours to complete even one art piece and that’s with a good 3 to 4 years of practice under my belt. In addition to this, I’ve been drawing for more than 10 years.  With the analysts and leads, most of whom who don’t have the same level of experience as I do, were able to churn out some good art pieces in as little as 40 minutes with acrylic, was very impressive, and the most important part was that the team had a great time doing it.

For those who are not aware, oil and acrylic appear to be similar in appearance and when applied to a surface.  The difference is that with acrylic, it is derived from plastic and dries in 10 minutes or less. This provides little time for the practitioner to blend colors together. With oils on the other hand, they take longer to dry and allows the artist greater time and flexibility to blend colors together.

When I was attending college, I was taught to paint the entire canvas in layers beginning with the background colors which act as the primer and then adding little details followed by textures.  Although the employees at MindSpark used a different process, what I learned on April 25, 2018 is that there is no set process to creating art. Some were using paint splatters to layer their paintings, some draft their composition using pencil then paint over it, and some analyst improvising on the go.  Like testing software products, there’s always different angles we can use to approach the situation. If compared, the way I create art pieces can be considered from a tester’s perspective as the happy path while the way the staff members at MindSpark create art pieces can be viewed as unconventional but still arriving at the same conclusion; having a great product.

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