Culver City Grand Opening and France TV

MindSpark's Second Office Location

On May 1, 2018, MindSpark held its grand opening of its second office located within Culver City. To help us celebrate, the employees located at the Santa Monica office made their way over to Culver City and joined up with the Culver City team. Once both offices were together, the teams enjoyed a lunch and socialized. Accompanying this, Gray Benoist, Sr. gave a speech to the assembles staff about MindSpark’s future and where the company plans on going as time progresses.

In addition to holding our grand opening for our Culver City office, we had France TV pay our Culver City office a visit in order to do a segment on MindSpark and how we are going about training and employing those with autism. With the filming that occurred, it focused upon the MindSpark Training Academy (MTA). What this entailed was that the two-person film crew recorded footage of our lead and MTA trainer RJ as he was going over some material that is presented during the time in MTA. This included talking about the different features of QA testing and asking questions of the MTA class and MindSpark employees who participated in this segment of filming. On the following day, the film crew did a spotlight segment with one of our analyst’s as a means of further flushing out their segment. For those who are interested in watching it, you can click here. It is important to note that it is in French.

We look forward to the future that lays before MindSpark and we would like to thank France TV for visiting us in our Culver City office and taking the time to do a piece on the work that we do.

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