Spotlight: Bradley Thomas

Part of the MTA #4 graduating class

Bradley Thomas is a senior analyst at MindSpark, joining the company as part of the MTA #4 graduating class back in 2014.  Since then, he has worked on several different projects for the company, with experience that includes game testing and device testing.  He is always interested in taking on new projects in order to expand his expertise across various fields of testing and become an even greater analyst.


In his free time, Brad enjoys baking, writing, and occasionally attending Strategicon, a gaming convention that is held in Los Angeles. As a part of his writing, he has crafted a collection of short horror stories; the collection is currently receiving illustrations before going to publication. He has also crafted a short film script that is currently being edited as of May 2018.  Once completed, he plans on submitting the short to a number of different film festivals.  In the meantime, he is currently drafting a treatment for a new film project.

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