CBS News Article On Autism In The Workplace

Addressing Employment For Those With Autism

On February 11, 2018, CBS published an article regarding the growing employment of people with autism. The article featured the tech giant Microsoft jumping aboard this trend. Because people with autism have difficulty in social situations, Microsoft has adopted a new system by which it hires autistic employees. Instead of relying upon the traditional interviewing process, which has a heavy emphasis upon social skills, Microsoft now utilizes a vetting process where the applicants are capable of showcasing their talents and engage in team building exercises. Because Microsoft has been so successful in employing autistic adults, a trend is now taking the technology market by storm. A summit was held in April of 2017 where 50 large companies came together to discuss how best to utilize the newly discovered talent within the autistic community.

People with autism are known to be natural specialists in specific skills. For example, a common talent in the autistic community is the uncanny ability to recognize abnormally complicated patterns. These facets of autism, when properly applied, can be a boon to a company that needs pattern-recognizing skills among its employees. With MindSpark, we engage in a similar process while recruiting individuals to work for us and we applaud Microsoft for providing job and career opportunities for those with autism. To read the original article by CBS, please click here.

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