New MTA Class

Training a New Class of Candidates.

At MindSpark, we are always looking for talented individuals to join our quality assurance team. This can be seen with the fact that we have had a number of MindSpark Training Academy (MTA) classes over the course of the company’s history. With our most recent MTA class, it was held during the months of November and December of 2017. In the months prior to the beginning of MTA, we conducted a series of interviews in order to help us to assess the skill levels of the candidates, their capabilities, and to determine if working at MindSpark will be the best possible fit for the the candidates in question.

With those who participated in the most recent MTA class, they came to the MindSpark office in Santa Monica in order for them to receive their training. With the teaching of this MTA class, it was done by one of our talented leads who has the skills and knowledge on how to go about performing quality assurance testing. The training that they received included the fundamentals of quality assurance testing, how to write up defects, and some practical training exercises where they put the information they learned in class to use.

When training came to an end for this MTA class, we had a 100% completion rate and all of the candidates are now participating in on-the-job training. With that said, we would like to say congratulations to our most recent MTA class for not only completing their training but also having the entire class graduate. We are proud of this MTA class for this accomplishment and we look forward to them becoming analysts. We would like to wish them the best of luck.

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