MindSpark visits a client in Tampa, Fl

Written By: Michael Kruse

On November 14, a small team from MindSpark, consisting of me, Gray Sr., and Isha, departed LAX on a flight to Tampa. We were to meet with our Tampa-based client the next day. Having never been on a business trip before, I admit that I was slightly nervous to meet the people with whom we work so closely over the internet. What would they be like in person? Would they be happy with our work? What would they think of me?

Not only was I slightly apprehensive about interacting with people I had never met in real life, this was also the first time I had ever been to Florida. From the perspective of someone who has to deal with LA traffic every morning, Tampa is a nice town: the roads are open, the population density is low, and there is a greater diversity of wildlife in the region. While I was walking to the client’s office, I even managed to spot the first wild alligator I have ever seen.

After arriving at their site, I was relieved to discover that, despite tight security, our client was very welcoming. They had high praise for all the hard work that I and the other team members back home had contributed. They even treated me, Isha, and Gray to a great lunch. Personally, I was delighted to hear that they were greatly satisfied with MindSpark’s performance. In my opinion, the business trip could not have gone better. On behalf of all of MindSpark, I would like to thank our client for their hospitality and kindness.

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