Working on an Accounting Program

Written By: Bradley Thomas

For a year, MindSpark was tasked with testing an accounting software application for a payroll and production management service company. During this contract, MindSpark’s team of analysts was given the opportunity to test multiple iterations of the application. Although we would occasionally expand the team temporarily for stress testing, the principle team remained relatively small. The core team consisted of a lead, a senior analyst, and one or two analysts. The project lead often worked with the client in person, ensuring that the execution of the contract went as smoothly as possible.

Thanks to these frequent visits with the client and effective communication, the rest of the MindSpark team was quickly able to gain an understanding of the application and craft an extensive test plan. Until the project lead could resume working at MindSpark’s Santa Monica office, the senior analyst assigned to the project would manage the day-to-day operations.

Not only did the execution of this contract offer valuable experience to some of MindSpark’s seasoned analysts, it also jump started the careers of two of MindSpark’s newest analysts. Furthermore, the team had to learn a thing or two about accounting and payroll. On behalf of the MindSpark team, we would like to thank the client for allowing us the opportunity to work on this project. We found it both interesting and educational.

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