MindSpark In the News

Written By: Bradley Thomas

Over the course of the year of 2016, MindSpark has garnered some attention from the press stemming from its model of employing people with autism and its acquisition and execution of a number of different pilot projects. As a result of these facts, a few news pieces have been done about the company and what we are doing. With the line of communication that exists between MindSpark and these news outlets, it has allowed MindSpark to be able to share its goals and objectives with a wider audience.

Through this line of communication, film crews from CNBC and AFP paid our office in Santa Monica a visit in order to do their respective report on the company. The first film crew, associated with CNBC, visited us during the week of August 15 and conducted an interview with MindSpark founder, Chad Hahn. The interview can be viewed by clicking here. During the following week, the second film crew, associated with AFP news agency, visited us and conducted an interview with MindSpark President Gray Beniost, Sr. and software analyst Corey Weiss. These interviews can be viewed by clicking here.

In addition to the video interviews that have been listed above, a number of online articles have been written regarding MindSpark. In order to view these articles, they can be found on the following websites:

As time progresses and more news outlets conduct interviews and write articles about MindSpark, we will post them onto our website. So if you would like to be kept up-to-date regarding this matter, please visit out press release page by clicking here.

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