MindSpark Expands Into Gaming Testing

Written By: Bradley Thomas

We are proud to announce that we have recently expanded our horizons as a company within the quality assurance field.  We accomplished this by incorporating a new kind of contract into the company. The contracts that MindSpark typically takes on and executes are corporate in nature and are for big name companies.

This new contract that was just completed was a gaming contract with a small development company and meant to be used by the public at large. As a result of this fact, it allowed our analysts to expand their horizons and body of knowledge within the realm of quality assurance and to further develop their given skill set. Accompanying this fact, a number of our analysts are also gamers so this contract allowed them to use their interests in games to be put to good use within the work environment. It also granted them the opportunity to better understand what goes into game development and what to look for within any given game to make sure that it is running properly.

The contract itself was a pilot project and included a training period.  This training period was to allow our analysts to become familiar with both the hardware and software before testing the game itself. The basic premise of the game is that the player is a psychiatrist who delves into the mind of multiple different patients and tries to solve a given issue that the client is dealing with. It also incorporates biometrics into gameplay.  With biometrics, it measures the player’s heartbeat and alters the game perspective based upon increased heart rate.  This is accomplished by obtaining the players base heart rate and using that as a means of distorting the game whenever the player’s heart rate increases. So the only way for the player to keep things within the realm of normalcy is to remain calm and keep his or her heart rate down. Since people with autism are prone to anxiety, the biometric feature of this game gave our analysts an opportunity to learn how they can control their anxiety levels while at the same time test the game and executing the contract. MindSpark was able to see some level of success with this objective of helping our analysts counter any anxiety that they experienced.

The game has now introduced two new clients to the game and has incorporated virtual reality into gameplay, which was the focus of testing done by MindSpark. With the virtual reality aspect, it allows for the player to immerse themselves into the realm of the game and experience it as he or she would if he or she was really there instead of on a computer screen. Pictures were taken during testing and have been posted below.  We would like to thank the company for giving us this opportunity and we look forward to working with similar gaming-focused companies in the future.

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