Santa Monica Vehicle Ridership Survey

Written By: Bradley Thomas

During the week of October 17 through October 21 of 2016, the employees of MindSpark filled out a survey regarding their ridership activities into and out of the city of Santa Monica.  This survey is meant to get a rough idea of our ridership activities when we begin our work shift and when we leave for the day.  Once this information has been obtained, the company will be able to form and implement a transportation plan for those who work at MindSpark as part of our company policy. This is done at the request of the city of Santa Monica, a request that we are happy to comply with.  The point behind us establishing a transportation plan is to help cut down our carbon footprint in order to make not only Santa Monica a healthier and cleaner city but to make California a healthier and cleaner place.  As a result of this, MindSpark is doing what it can to help pull its weight.  So here’s to a better tomorrow.

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