Visiting Exceptional Children’s Foundation

Written by: Bradley Thomas

During June 23rd, members of our team here at MindSpark paid Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF) a visit in order to join a luncheon that they were hosting.  The point of the luncheon was to recognize businesses that employ or otherwise assist individuals with autism and other special needs to live full and productive lives.  With ECF, it is a service provider to those with autism and related neurological conditions.  With these services, they include, but are not limited to, educational opportunities, after school programs, counseling, therapy, personal development, housing services, and work placement opportunities.  In addition to what has already been listed, MindSpark relies upon ECF to initially train our MTA candidates before they receive on-the-job training at our Santa Monica office.  Since one of MindSpark’s guiding principles is to provide gainful employment to those who have autism, it is both a pleasure and an honor to be connected with ECF.



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