Game Days

Written by: Bradley Thomas

Every so often, as a means of allowing those here at MindSpark to relax and socialize, a game day will be held.  The team is notified in advance of these game days, it’s completely voluntary, and they occur outside of normal business hours. The game days are typically organized by one of the testing leads, though it is possible that anyone who wishes to organize one of these game days can do so as well.

The games that are usually played with a large group of people include Taboo, Uno, Pictionary, and Heads Up. The group will typically be divided into teams that compete against each other.  But when just a handful of people choose to play, games such as Age of War, Backgammon, and the occasional card game will be played.  These game days help to encourage social interaction, friendly competition, and is a great way to take a break during the busy work day. In between game days, we will also have jokes, riddles, and puzzles posted on the kitchen whiteboard as a means of further enjoying their work experience at MindSpark.

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