Cap Gemini and Liberty Mutual visit MindSpark

Written by: Evan Rochte

Cap Gemini Team

Last month, Mindspark had a two-day visit from some of the members of the Cap Gemini & Liberty Mutual team from New Hampshire.  The people who came to visit were Deanna from Liberty Mutual, our point-of-contact person Ravi from Cap Gemini (Mindspark is subcontracted through Cap Gemini to work with Liberty Mutual), and Prakash from Cap Gemini.  The point of this visit was so that the three of them could see first hand what we do here at Mindspark and how the Cap/Liberty team operates.  

For Mindspark, it allowed us the opportunity to put faces to names and to strengthen our connection with one of our earliest clients.  This was important given the fact that our primary dealings with them has been over the internet and phone and we never had the opportunity to deal with them personally.  Once we got to know them, it was as if we had always been working with them in person everyday.

Working with Ravi in the same room has proven itself to be beneficial accompanied by the benefits he has provided us though his efforts in New Hampshire by dealing directly with the business analysts located there on our behalf.  Having him meet us in person, instead of just doing so virtually, has proven itself valuable.

Having Deanna with us allowed her to answer many of our questions about Liberty Mutual, their business process, and other related topics.  She seemed to be quite impressed with our team as they work together and use the tools and resources that have been provided to them by Liberty Mutual to get their work done, which they are capable of doing virtually all across the country.  Based upon past experience, she knew what we were capable of doing – quality and reliable work.  And by being able to meet us in person, it only strengthened her position on what our team is capable of doing.

Having them visit us only confirmed just how much our clients appreciate the hard work that we do, both for and with them. This, in turn, only further affirms the relationship that exists between Mindspark and Cap Gemini/Liberty Mutual.  Because the Cap Gemini team was so impressed with the Mindspark team during their visit, Deanna and Prakash are working to expand our existing contract with them accompanied by having Liberty Mutual increase the scope and type of work we do for them. Because they think so highly of us, they shot video of some of our analysts commenting upon what they like about working on this project and what they have learned.  It even appears that there could a trip to New Hampshire for some of our analysts next year in order to work on this project.

This is just one example of the great job that Mindspark has done in regards to client relations and interactions.  It is always good to know that the client values what we do as well as how we operate when executing the contracts that they have with us.  This visit also reconfirms the quality work that is being done at Mindspark by our analysts and how we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients like Cap Gemini and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

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