Celebrities with Autism

Written By: Bradley Thomas

With the increasing effectiveness of detection and diagnosis when it comes to that of autism, accompanied by its increased awareness found across society, it should not be surprising when celebrities are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  It is possible for those who have already gained the status of being a celebrity to be later diagnosed with ASD.  However, the reverse is also true, that someone who has been first diagnosed with ASD is capable of gaining the status of being a celebrity.

But regardless of exactly how such situations play themselves out, it goes to show that those with neurodevelopmental disorders can achieve success within society and not be limited by their handicap.  As long as the individual in question continues to persevere and not allow their condition to hold them back, he or she can achieve success, not only within their personal lives, but also within society.

Examples of those with autism and Asperger Syndrome who are able to achieve success on a social level by becoming a celebrity can be found within the YouTube video shown here.  This given video was produced by WatchMojo.com and it gives a list of ten celebrities, accompanied by some honorable mentions, who have been diagnosed with ASD.  If you’re someone who has been diagnosed with autism, let this video give you inspiration and not allow the diagnosis to hold you back.


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