Software Testing Specialties

  • Test Plan / Case Design

    Reviewing requirements and developing both test plans and test cases using industry standard techniques and conventions, covering analytics or database validation as necessary.

  • Functional Testing

    Executing test cases in a quality assurance environment using multiple devices and mediums, including API automation, short term click and record automation, and more robust data driven automation for long term.

  • Regression Testing

    Recording automated or manual scripts and running them on previously tested software after each release, or along side additional performance / load / stress testing.

  • Defect Management

    Identifying, logging, tracking, and verifying the resolution of all defects found during test case execution.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance timed testing
    Load testing using automation tools
    Stress testing using a hybrid automated and manual testing approach

  • Mobile Device Coverage

    Planning and using analytics to determine coverage needs
    Mobile test suite creation and use case execution
    Able to add additional device coverage through simulation and/or emulation

Testers understand highly technical concepts including equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, state transition, branching logic and condition-matrix testing, as well as database and data-integrity testing. We can work within any type of product development framework including Lean, Agile, Waterfall and V-Model.

As a software testing organization, MindSpark provides comprehensive quality assurance services throughout the entire product life cycle including:

  • Translating requirements into test cases
  • Performing scripted and unscripted functional, regression, and user scenario tests
  • Documenting errors or flaws in the software found during testing