Employee Testimonials

At MindSpark, we aim to give adults with autism spectrum disorder the opportunity to build a career, maintain steady employment, and work within an environment that allows them to be productive individuals. We understand that it is hard for those on the autism spectrum to find rewarding work, and MindSpark is designed to help them deal with that situation by not only training them and giving them a valuable skill set but also allowing them to build a career where they can continue to build upon the new skills they’ve acquired.

Below are testimonials from our employees commenting upon their time at MindSpark and how it has been a beneficial experience for them.

  • IMG_1146“MindSpark is a wonderful opportunity for those on the autistic spectrum. It gave me not only a job, but the skills and tools needed for a lifelong career. MindSpark helps people develop lifelong skills that can be used to create rewarding careers and be able to provide for themselves. I feel like I’m now a productive member of society due to the chance MindSpark gave me.”

    – Corey

  • IMG_1144“MindSpark has really made a positive contribution to my life. Before I came here, I was really struggling to figure out what to do career-wise. I felt that the jobs I had didn’t allow me to use my full potential for the most part. Now that I’m here at MindSpark, I’m able to do work that allows me to make more complete use of my computer and writing skills when I test software. I’m very thankful for this opportunity.”

    – Matthew