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  • MindSpark visits a client in Tampa, Fl

    On November 14, a small team from MindSpark, consisting of me, Gray Sr., and Isha, departed LAX on a flight to Tampa. We were to meet with our Tampa-based client the next day. Having never been on a business trip before, I admit that I was slightly nervous to meet the people with whom we […]

  • Working on an Accounting Program

    For a year, MindSpark was tasked with testing an accounting software application for a payroll and production management service company. During this contract, MindSpark’s team of analysts was given the opportunity to test multiple iterations of the application. Although we would occasionally expand the team temporarily for stress testing, the principle team remained relatively small. […]

  • Earthquake Preparedness Exercise

    Because fault lines can be found within the state, California is prone to earthquakes. Most earthquakes are minor occurrences and are typically too weak for anyone to notice but occasionally, earthquakes are large enough not only to be felt, but to deliver a lot of damage. In the event of such an earthquake, it is […]

  • MindSpark Using JIRA

    As a quality assurance company, it is important for MindSpark to be able to report and track bugs and defects that we come across for the applications that we are working on. To help us accomplish this, we began using JIRA as a means of reporting any bugs we find. In order to familiarize our […]

  • MindSpark In the News

    Over the course of the year of 2016, MindSpark has garnered some attention from the press stemming from its model of employing people with autism and its acquisition and execution of a number of different pilot projects. As a result of these facts, a few news pieces have been done about the company and what […]

  • MindSpark Expands Into Gaming Testing

    We are proud to announce that we have recently expanded our horizons as a company within the quality assurance field.  We accomplished this by incorporating a new kind of contract into the company. The contracts that MindSpark typically takes on and executes are corporate in nature and are for big name companies. This new contract that […]

  • Santa Monica Vehicle Ridership Survey

    During the week of October 17 through October 21 of 2016, the employees of MindSpark filled out a survey regarding their ridership activities into and out of the city of Santa Monica.  This survey is meant to get a rough idea of our ridership activities when we begin our work shift and when we leave […]

  • Game Days

    Every so often, as a means of allowing those here at MindSpark to relax and socialize, a game day will be held.  The team is notified in advance of these game days, it’s completely voluntary, and they occur outside of normal business hours. The game days are typically organized by one of the testing leads, though […]

  • Visiting Exceptional Children’s Foundation

    During June 23rd, members of our team here at MindSpark paid Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF) a visit in order to join a luncheon that they were hosting.  The point of the luncheon was to recognize businesses that employ or otherwise assist individuals with autism and other special needs to live full and productive lives.  With ECF, […]

  • MTA #7

    The month of June has been an important month for MTA #7. First, on Monday, June 6, 2016, the graduating class began the on-the-job training portion of the program. As a part of this training, they moved from the classroom found at the Exceptional Children’s Foundation office to the MindSpark office located in Santa Monica. […]

  • Cap Gemini and Liberty Mutual visit MindSpark

    Last month, Mindspark had a two-day visit from some of the members of the Cap Gemini & Liberty Mutual team from New Hampshire.  The people who came to visit were Deanna from Liberty Mutual, our point-of-contact person Ravi from Cap Gemini (Mindspark is subcontracted through Cap Gemini to work with Liberty Mutual), and Prakash from […]

  • Celebrities with Autism

    With the increasing effectiveness of detection and diagnosis when it comes to that of autism, accompanied by its increased awareness found across society, it should not be surprising when celebrities are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  It is possible for those who have already gained the status of being a celebrity to be later […]