Working on an Accounting Program

Accounting, Payroll, and Project Management

For a year, MindSpark was tasked with testing an accounting software application for a payroll and production management service company. During the course of the contract, we had experience dealing with multiple iterations of the application. Even though we would occasionally bring on other staff members of MindSpark aboard as a means of engaging in stress testing, the principle team remained relatively small, consisting of a lead, a senior analyst, and one or two analysts. As a part of the contract, the project lead would occasionally travel to Burbank as an in-office representative, ensuring that the execution of the contract went as smoothly as possible.

When we first acquired the contract, the project lead spent a few months in Burbank in order to get a feel for the basic setup of the application accompanied by setting up a test plan on how to go about executing the contract. As this was occurring, the lead would also send information back to the analysts as a means of allowing them to become familiar with the application as well. From there, the lead returned to the Santa Monica office in order to directly manage the project. But whenever he would return to Burbank, the senior analyst assigned to the project would manage the day-to-day operations.

With the time that MindSpark spent testing the application, it allowed our analysts to work on a new project as well as to gain additional experience within the QA field beyond what they experience on a regular basis. It also granted us the opportunity to gain an understanding of what goes on at a payroll and accounting firm as well as what steps are necessary in order to accomplish their goals. With all of that said, we would like to thank the company for the opportunity to work on their project, we found it both interesting and educational.

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