MindSpark Using JIRA

Advancing Our Technical Capability

As a quality assurance company, it is important for MindSpark to be able to report and track bugs and defects that we come across for the applications and software that we are working on. Recently, we have begun using JIRA as a means of accomplishing this task. In order to familiarize our analysts with this application, we exposed them to the application in order to learn how to go about using it as well as to begin using it to report the bugs, defects, and issues that we come across during the course of our testing.
With JIRA, besides being an issue tracking application, it is used as a means of managing a given project on what needs to be done to achieve the objective of improving the application in question. In addition to this, stories can be provided within the application as a means of providing an overview of what needs to be accomplished. Recently, to further aid its customers, some new features have been released for JIRA. This includes things such as being available for the iPhone, identifying spring goals, flagging, and supporting code formatting.
Even though MindSpark has implemented JIRA across the company for the tracking and recording of bugs and to keep track of any relevant stories, this recently action is not the companies first interaction with JIRA. Our initial exposure to JIRA was limited to client-size experience, but now we have internal and administrative across for the company. As a result of this, it has granted these particular analysts the opportunity to learn how JIRA works and to use that experience to help other analysts to switch over to JIRA when the decision was made to have the entire company switch over to the application.

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